Why a Disability Inclusion Action Plan?

Shoalhaven City Council is committed to improving opportunities for people of all ages with a disability to access the full range of services and activities available in the community. A Disability Inclusion Action Plan is Council's step-by-step plan to make this happen.

What is Inclusion?

Inclusion means creating a community where all people (irrespective of disability, age, gender, religion, sexuality or culture) who wish to, can join fully in activities and services in the same way as any other member of the community.

Who would we like to hear from?

If you or someone you know has a disability (i.e. physical, sensory, cognitive, intellectual, mental illness or related to health or other conditions) and you live in or visit the Shoalhaven area, then Council wants to hear your opinion. We also want to hear from family, friends, supporters, carers and services supporting people with a disability.

Why fill in a survey?

Do I have to fill in the whole survey?

No. You can fill the parts that you want to comment on. We just want to hear your opinion!

Can someone assist me?

Yes. You can have a family member or friend help you. If you don't have anyone who can help contact Helen Waterhouse, phone 02 4429 3411, email who can assist or find a staff member who can assist.

Can I give my opinion without doing the survey?

Yes. Contact Helen Waterhouse, phone 02 4429 3411, email

Privacy statement

All information you provide will be kept private and confidential. It will only be used for the purposes of this research.

A copy of the IP address you access the survey from is stored with the survey. This is done to help prevent improper use of the survey and to assist solving any technical problems you may encounter. We cannot identify you from your IP address.

If you have any concerns, contact Helen Waterhouse, phone 02 4429 3411, email .

Sorry, but the survey is now closed.

The survey will close on 7th October 2016

We plan to have a draft Disability Inclusion Action Plan ready for you to see by early 2017.